Windows 10 Tips, Tricks and Security

Hey Guys, Welcome to File Border. Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Many different versions of Windows have been launched over the years, including Windows 8 (released in 2012), Windows 7 (2009), Windows Vista (2006), and Windows XP (2001).

Windows 10 is the Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices, and Internet devices.

Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015 as a follow-up to Windows 8. The company has stated that it will update Windows 10 in continuity instead of releasing a new, full-blown operating system as a successor.

An operating system manages all Hardware and Software on the computer. Without an operating system, computers cannot be compared.

Characteristics of Windows 10

Windows 10 includes many new features and improvements. With which you can operate your computer or laptop easily.


While Windows 8 uses the start screen to launch applications, Windows 10 has reintroduced the more traditional start menu. This makes it easy to find important applications.

Microsoft Edge Browser:

This new browser is designed to give Windows users a better experience on the web. It is faster and more secure, and includes many new features. Microsoft Edge means that you can change Internet Explorer as your default web browser, but you will still be able to use IE (or any other browser) if you wish.

Assistant Cortana:

Similar to Siri and Google Now, you can talk to this virtual assistant with your computer’s microphone. Cortana can answer your questions such as how is the weather today ? and more.

Multiple desktops:

Instead of keeping everything open on a single desktop, you can move some of your windows to the virtual desktop so that they can be removed from the path. And the new task view feature makes it easy to manage all your open windows.

New Action center:

The new Action Center is significantly different from previous versions of Windows. For example, you have been extended to access frequently used settings such as Wi-Fi connectivity and tablet mode.

New Tablet mode:

Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 makes a clear distinction between desktops and tablets. If you are using a keyboard and mouse with Windows 10, you will be in desktop mode by default. If your computer also has a touchscreen, you can go into tablet mode at any time. Tablet users can also go back to desktop mode if they wish.

New Windows 10 Security

Microsoft Windows 10 integrated support for multifactor authentication technologies, such as smartcards and tokens. In addition, Windows Hello brought biometric authentication to Windows 10, allowing users to log in with fingerprint scans, iris scans, or facial recognition technology.

The operating system also includes virtualization-based security tools such as Isolated User Mode, Windows Defender Device Guard, and Windows Defender Credential Guard. These Windows 10 features isolate data, processes, and user credentials in an attempt to limit damage from any attack.

Windows 10 expanded support for BitLocker encryption to protect data in motion between users’ devices, storage hardware, email, and cloud services.

Requirements for Windows 10 Hardware

Processor: 1 GHz (GHz) or faster processor or system-on-a-chip (SoC)

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit and 2 GB for 64-bit

Hard disk space: 16 GB for 64-bit OS and 20 GB for 32-bit OS

Graphics Card: DirectX 9 or later with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0

Display: 800 × 600

Requirements for Smartphones

There are 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of flash storage, a reliable platform module, a unified extensible firmware interface, 32 bits per pixel color, and 720p screen resolution. The smartphone also requires Snapdragon SoC from Qualcomm Technologies.


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