How to Increase Battery Life of Your Android Device

Hello Guys, Are you upset with your smartphone battery! Do you want to increase the battery life of your smartphone? in fact at present, almost every smartphone user wants to increase their battery life.

But technically it is not possible to double the battery backup of the phone, that is, we cannot increase the capacity of our phone’s battery.

But after reading today’s, you will be able to increase your battery backup by making a slight change in the settings of your smartphone. The battery-backup tips that are being mentioned here, all these tips work on all smartphones.

8 Tips to Increase Your Battery Life

Turn On Auto-Lock Feature:

Your phone’s screen remains inactive. That is, the screen remains On while the smartphone does not work. The longer the auto-lock, the faster your phone’s battery life will be. Therefore auto-lock must be of minimum time.

You can reduce the auto-lock time on the display option present in your smartphone settings.

Always Use Low Brightness:

Brightness in mobile phones affects battery usage the most. Therefore, we can reduce the brightness of the mobile screen as needed.

So for a better battery-backup, you should keep the brightness of the mobile low.

Turn Off Unused App Notifications:

Guys, we always use many apps for various tasks on the smartphone, due to which, repeatedly we get notifications from these apps. Due to which the battery of the phone starts down.

So, apart from useful apps, you can turn off notifications of other apps from your phone’s settings. And after using tools like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., turning them off can improve the battery life of your smartphone.

Aeroplane Mode:

You can save your phone’s battery life to a great extent by using the Aeroplane mode on mobile. Yes, you can charge your mobile 5 percent faster by turning on airplane mode while charging. This mode is also known as Flight Mode.

Apart from this, turning on Aeroplane mode during low signal can be quite beneficial. Because searching the network in the low signal area, the mobile battery will drastically decrease.

Charging Time:

If you want to increase the battery backup of your phone, never use the phone until the battery is completely empty. That is, we should not use the charging until it is 0 per cent. Also, do not always charge mobile to full charge (100% charge). Because at the present time lithium batteries are made in such a way that the batteries can be charged fast in a short time.

Turn Off Vibration Mode:

If you really want to save some percentage of your phone’s battery then you need to stop using Vibration Mode. So it may be better to use silent mode in place of vibration because the mobile battery decreases rapidly when mobile starts vibrating.

Turn Off the Internet:

If you have a low battery phone. And at that time you want to save more time in case of not having a charger, then you should not only turn off Bluetooth, wifi but also should turn off 4G / 3G network signal. And if there is no internet access, the battery is saved for a long time.

Switch Off Aditional Functions:

If your phone’s battery is draining fast, then you can reduce the use of additional functions like a camera, flashlight, etc. Which will make your phone battery last longer


Apart from this, updating the apps and software periodically affects the battery life of the phone. Because the software will be improved by adding some new features to each new update.

So friends, by following some simple tips mentioned above, you can save your mobile battery to a great extent. Hope this article has proved useful for you. If you have any doubts related to this article, you can ask in the comment section. If you liked this article please share it with your Friends and Family. Thank You.

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